The Village Hall 100 Club

Supporting The Upkeep of Roseisle Village Hall

s-l1000The 100 club is an easy way for local residents to help maintain the village hall.

How does the 100 hundred club work 

The 100 club offers local residents the opportunity to financially support the village hall. Each 100 club number is available in return for investing £1 per month.

Every 2 months a club number is drawn  and the owner of the number will win £50. There will also be a yearly draw in December with a cash prize of £250

The 100 club is managed by Ann Scott, and if you would like to support the village hall you can contact Ann to purchase one or more of the 100 club numbers. We would  request that you pay £12 for the year by cheque or Cash or by standing order from your bank – we can provide a form. Contact Ann on 01343 835167.

There are currently some numbers available to purchase.


June 2018 draw result is number 98