Roseisle Local History


Since this blog started we have had a number of local residents provide us with local historical information they have collected over the years.

We are very grateful to Jill and Doug, formerly of Inchkeil Farm, who have provided extensive printed documentation about the finding in 1977 of the remains of a circular stone-lined pit on the farm and the subsequent investigations. We are currently looking at how best to present all this information via this website.

We are also very grateful to Helen and Handley who have amassed  a wealth of written information on various aspects of local history and who have kindly made that available to us. I have included this week, an extract from that information.Roseisle Names

2 thoughts on “Roseisle Local History

  1. Hi David
    Thanks for posting this interesting historical research on the origins of local names and places. We were particularly interested in the original Gaelic meanings of Roseisle and Inchkeil : Innis Cill (Church Island). Do you think this supports the potential of an old theological seminary being built in or near the village of the College of Roseisle?

  2. Hi David
    It’s great that you are receiving information for the blog. The historical names are very interesting and I see Inchkeil gets a mention too.

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