The College Of Roseisle


The College of Roseisle in the parish of Duffus is a small community located in the north east of Scotland on the Moray coast. Roseisle lies in a triangle between Burghead, Kinloss and Elgin.

DSC_6439Historically it was thought to be the location of a 7th Century Columban monastic college of the order of St Aetlian. Geographically the village is situated at the base of a hill called Tappoch. The name of Duffus is supposed to be derived from the Gaelic word Dubuist, signifying the black lake, in reference to the lake of Spynie, now drained, or to some other lake of which there is no trace left, this water would have surrounded Tappoch and probably Roseisle would have been an island at that time.

Pictish History

Nearby is Burghead which is known to be the site of an ancient Pictish fort and Roseisle has its own537846_352169761499895_348962740_n historical Pictish artifacts that tie the village to this time in history. The Pictish symbols of a goose and salmon were discovered on a standing stone near Roseisle village.


Places to visit
Local to the village is Roseisle Forest which stretches from Burghead in the east to Findhorn in the west and DSC_1851offers a very pleasant eight-mile long beach.  If you wish to cycle, there are very well kept pathways that will take you through the forest.
DSC_6443The forest is maintained by the Forestry Commission and is one of their recommended local sites to visit in the area.