Roseisle Forest Fisherman Heritage Units

Roseisle forest could be set to help improve tourism within the area

A planning application is being considered by Moray Council to restore and build at the Milly Bothy at Roseisle Beach. (See planning application). Any comments will need to be submitted before the 20th December 2018.       (18/01453/APP)

Milly Bothy Refurb Plans

A refurbished  Milly Bothy will be used as part office and as an art gallery promoting the buildings fishing heritage. The planning application also includes the addition of 10 fisher huts which will be used to promote tourism in the area. Each hut will accommodate up to 4 people offering an eco friendly off grid experience within the duned area of the forest, east of the existing Roseisle carpark.

To view the proposed planning statement

To view the planning application see the link below

If you have any objections they will need to be submitted before the 20th December 2018