Local Animal Welfare News

On Tuesday night 17th September, a vehicle hit a ginger cat within the village of Roseisle and didn’t stop. The injured cat had no identifying collar, and was promptly taken to The Wards vets in Elgin by a local resident . A neighbour near to where it happened was asked if she knew whose cat it was, but thinks it may be a stray. The vets have sadly had to put the cat to sleep due to its injuries. If you suspect that the cat belonged to you, we are sorry to have to inform you of this sad news. Thanks to Callum for sending the details of this situation and for taking the cat to the vets so that its injuries could be looked after.

One thought on “Local Animal Welfare News

  1. An update on this item, Sid was a feral cat who spent most of his time in either my garden or next door at Jackie’s. He didn’t trust people and would hiss even as you put food down for him. As he got older it was harder for him and Jackie and I were very concerned that he was losing his sight so we tried to intervene and get him to the vet but he ran away from us. It’s very sad to know that he ended up on the road but I am so glad that Callum and his wife had the decency to stop and pick him up. Although he never let me pet him he did enjoy sunning himself in my garden and he never bothered the birds. RIP Hissing Sid

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