This week’s weather will still be cool except on Wednesday which will be the warmest day with 20C degrees. We might get a shower on Thursday and possibly on Friday.

What a welcome sight this evening’s rain is, everything is so dry and desperate for some moisture that will actually reach the roots of the plants. So whatever we get tonight is so very welcome!

There will be always herbaceous plants to cut back and deadhead, to add to our ever increasing compost heap which is a good thing. We need all the mulch to retain moisture around the plants. I have started to collect seed of the more unusual perennials and sown them in compost.

The Rambling Roses need some attention by cutting back side shoots and tying new shoots into place.

This time of year we are starting to give the Camellias and Rhododendrons a good watering every week so that they develop buds for next Spring’s display of flowers.

Our tomatoes are producing lovely tasty fruit and still get their weekly feed of Tomorite. We are removing the growing tip of the main stem so all the energy will go into the ripening fruit.

We have  lifted the onions and tied them up and have hung them in the loft in a cool and dry condition. Also the potatoes are ready to lift, let the wind dry them and then bag them up to store in a cool and dry place.

It is a good time to take cuttings of Hydrangeas and Fuchsias especially after this rain of tonight! It is also a good time for us to cut our Hawthorn hedges. I will stop there or the list will get out of control!

Just as well we enjoy and love working in our garden and watching the results.