Garden Tips#67

Weather outlook after this damp and drizzly weekend should look dry, cloudy with sunny spells and temperatures from 3-11C degrees!

It has been a very moderate, agreeable winter where we were able to weed and replant shrubs and herbaceous plants into their new positions. There is still time to replant and divide plants to another location, especially Snowdrops and Aconites. Looking at the forecast we are in for a treat for the next week or two which will bring out the energy levels in me! Spring is on its way and we have already enjoyed the show of Snowdrops and now the Daffodils and Hellebores are showing their beauty.

Because the Delphiniums have sprouted I have given them a good few handfuls of sawdust around the base of the plants against the snails/slugs which has proved very successful in the past few years. The Hostas have not appeared as yet but when they do they will get the same treatment.

The Roses too have had their pampering this Spring by getting well-rotted manure around the base. Our Begonia tubers which were lifted last Autumn will need to be brought on in a layer of compost till they send up new growth of fresh young leaves.

I have sown a few vegetable and flower seeds which are coming on a treat. They will slowly be hardened off by relocating them to the greenhouse and then to the tunnel. There will always be one or so seed varieties which have been forgotten about, Basil seeds is on my shopping list.

Next on our ‘things to do’ list are to cut back our wildlife hedge and we will need to cover the vegetable bed, where the potato tubers will be planted, with fleece or underfelt (left over from our pond) to warm up the soil until sowing time. Isla our dog will get a good brush, she does not know it yet as she feels it is quite unnecessary but her hair will hopefully line a few bird nesting boxes. Lastly our flower borders need cutting back of their old stems.

If that is not enough incentive to get into the garden I do not know what is. We will certainly make the most of the spell of good gardening weather and enjoy all the new surprises that Spring brings out in the garden!

Happy gardening to you all!

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  1. Great blog, we will try your strategy with the sawdust around our Delphiniums and the hostess when they appear. We planted more daffodils last autumn as we do every year and they look so cheerful even though they are practically horizontal at times with the strong winds. Thanks for sharing your garden knowledge!

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