Garden Tips#65

This coming week is going to be cooler with the warmest day being Monday at 21c degrees and the coolest day is to be Thursday at 16c degrees. Mostly a cloudy week with sunny spells and some rainy spells for the coming weekend.

You can not imagine the relief to see some rain no matter how light. The plants will not recognize the wet stuff from above! Anyhow, it will save us all the hand watering we are having to do. Surely it can only get easier. We are still looking out for signs of stress on shrubs and young trees, and if they need it they will get a bucket or two of water or our old washing-up water.

We found two Red Lily Beetles today which were quickly dealt with. The flower borders and the Roses are dead-headed regularly so that they look as fresh as possible!

In the poly tunnel the Tomatoes have had their lower leaves cut back to let more light onto the fruit to ripen and David keeps feeding them and the Courgettes once a week with Tomorite or with Liquid Seaweed.

We will be pruning the Cherry and Plum trees in the next few days. I have collected the seeds from various Poppies and Foxgloves to sow the seeds in the areas which need next season’s colour.

There have been quite a few butterflies in our garden but with all the wind we have had it was difficult to watch and appreciate their beauty so hopefully in this coming week we will be able to enjoy them and the many other insects we have this year eg. Ladybirds and Hoverflies.