Garden Tips63

This week’s weather is a mixed bag of cloudy days, with some sunshine on Tuesday morning followed by some rain on Tuesday evening through to Wednesday morning, with temperatures of 14 C degrees rising to 17-18 C degrees by next weekend.

If anyone is dancing in the rain tonight I would not be surprised, it is such a wonderful sight and so very welcome – even a small amount of rain!

I am checking various plants such as Solomons Seal, Gooseberry, Roses and Viburnums for aphids, caterpillars or larvae. The former one I squash and the larvae or caterpillars I will have to pick off the plants and dispose of them. So far there is no sign of the critters.

After the recent storm with the strong winds there has been some mishaps in the flower borders, some flattened flowers which will need re-staking.

In the poly tunnel the tomatoes are getting attention by pinching the side shoots out and starting to feed them with Tomorite because they have started flowering, as have the Courgettes which have been flowering for two weeks.  Another sowing of ‘Cut-and-Come’ Lettuce will need to be sown in the tunnel as well.

We shall keep an eye on the weather so that the vegetable beds get enough moisture either from the heavens above or with the sprinkler!

The bird baths too will be kept clean and refreshed.

Enjoy your garden which will be coming into full colour and scent, any flower is a joy to behold!