Garden Tips#61

Tonight and early Monday morning we should see some rain!! Tuesday is the coolest day, 12C degrees and heavy cloud cover. The rest of the week we should have plenty of sunny spells, winds north easterly to east to south-east and the temperatures ranging from 17-19C degrees.

I can tell you I am so looking forward to this rain coming tonight and tomorrow, because I have planted quite a few young Lupin plants which I have grown from seed and they hopefully will fill out any gaps in the herbaceous border. There are still small Sunflower plants, Velvet Queen, to plant out in our central planting area but they are not yet ready for planting out.

David has started earthing up the Potatoes , Salad Blue, and will continue to do so over the next weeks. The Wondermesh is covering our Brassica bed to keep pests such as the Cabbage White Butterfly and the pigeons from eating the young plants. We are still waiting to see if the Carrot and Parsnip seeds are going to germinate then that bed too will be covered with the Wondermesh. The vegetable area looks pretty good so far. The tomatoes in the polytunnel on the other hand need to pull up their socks because they seem to have stopped growing in their pots, so we have planted some quite pathetic looking Tomato plants into the ground to give them a new lease of life!

The Raspberry plants we bought last year as bare-root plants have caused us some concern, because they were good quality plants with great root systems. There just did not seem to be any life in them until a week ago and now every single plant is beginning to have shoots up the canes so now we need to put up support wires ready to tie the canes.

The tulips are still flowering and I can not fault them one bit, in fact they are so colourful and cheerful at this  time of the year and flower for such a long spell that I shall order a good few more for the Autumn planting.