Garden Tips#57

Do not really know what to say about the weather for this coming week, I do not like it and I am sure you do not either! We’re back to cold, wet and wintery snow showers with night time temperatures around 1-2C degrees and day time temperatures 5-7C degrees. Monday is the only positive day with sunshine and light cloud and 9C degrees.

With Monday being the best day of the week I will carry on with tidying the flower border, so far one fifth done! It does look so much nicer though. On the not so good days I will be in the tunnel to do some potting on of young Foxglove seedlings. In the greenhouse the Geraniums need some attention, removing dead leaves and spent flower stems.

David is raking level the other 3  vegetable plots after lifting the few turnips left in the ground through the winter. Then we will try the no-dig method on our vegetable beds, by spreading our compost on top of the beds. That too will be David’s job for tomorrow! When the time comes to plant our young vegetable plants, our sandy soil will hopefully retain more moisture and nutrients. It will be interesting to see how the plants will cope and if they need watering as in the past years.

Hope you have some hobbies indoors to keep you happy this week, because it does not look very inspiring outdoors.